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22 November 2002 @ 09:06 am
"Erno couldnt be with us today. he has his handsome lessons"  
today is going to be good day. i can tell. cause its friday. and i brushed my hair before i got to the office today! hurrah!

we didnt work on my mural last night. i was sad, but then i got really sick and it was okay that we were just sitting around. so we will work on it tonight and make it pretty. plus holiday next week so we have a few extra days. huzzah!!

there is another survey that i want to do but it will require some thought so im gunna have to post it later.

the assembly is this weekend so i dont get to clean my house which is NOT a good thing. however, i do get to go to an assembly so i suppose im okay with the whole dirty house thing. although i have no idea what im going to do with my dog. its really too cold to leave her out all day, but she will have an accident if i leave her inside. maybe i can get a neighbor or a friend to come let her out a couple times. i still have absolutely NO idea what ill be wearing this weekend, so im going to have to go through all my closets and try and pick out a couple of outfits that fit, are warm, with layers, and of course are really cute cause...well...i dont wear ugly outfits. maybe in my mending i can find something i havent worn in a while. hmmm pondering.

well apparently i have a lot of work to do today so ill have to write more later on. arent you all excited? you know you are. kisses for now, kisses till later,
Current Mood: bouncybouncy
Current Music: lost in tv - suede