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20 November 2002 @ 12:55 pm
tacos gud!  
i feel much better now that ive eaten and gotten some work under my belt. still crazy tired, but better able to function. going to paint tonight and watch sleeper (hurrah for woody allen) and prolly drink more than i should and get all cheeky. still have no idea what to wear to the assembly this weekend. i need two outfits!!! help please!!!
give me any ideas you have. even just color schemes. (yes i know i freak out a lot about unimportant things, so sue me.) hmmmm..i still might be a TAD to confrontational. hmmm..pondering. im bored so reply or send me an email or something. anything so i dont have to work. well ttfn.
-joe peshi 'GOODFELLAS'
are you saying im a clown that i amuse you?

hurrah!! irresistible!!

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Current Mood: boredbored