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20 November 2002 @ 09:55 am
i went home last night to take a nap before the meeting. so i went to sleep about 5:30. and i woke up at eight oclock this morning. so i missed the meeting, missed eating, and im still tired, and im still sniffly and needing more medication. DOH!!

im wondering if i should go to wendys or jack in the box for lunch....its a mystery. i also need to get some film developed. my tin of film is full and i have others in my purse. ill just grab one at random and drop it off on my way home tonight.

we should be finishing the mural background tonight. im excited. its gunna be so pretty. im in a stinky mood so im going to just come back after lunch when hopefully im feeling nicer and finish my post then. hope you all have a wonderful day....

Current Mood: grumpygrumpy