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19 November 2002 @ 09:02 am
sad sad day..  
when i came in today our puffer fish was dead. i was and still am very sad. i cant even think so here you go.....

1. name you wish you were born with : eleanor or emily
2. year you wish you were born: um...1906 cause then id be old enough to remember 1914, get to be young during the twenties, get the great clothes of the thirties and forties, get to see the beatles first hand and be dead before i had to live through this time period. of course then id miss the end.......so maybe id want to still be alive.
3. what are you wearing right now: blue long sleeved sweater with slits in the arm up to the elbow, black pleated skirt, black knee high platform boots
4. what song is going through your head: girlfriend-wings
5. fictional character you relate with: any girl with more passion then sense, who falls in love with a bad boy only to have her heart broken, and exact the perfect revenge of becoming splendidly happy. oh and she has to fall down a lot. like marianne dashwood from sense and sensibility or bridget jones.
6. 3 things you could change about you: 1. not quite so fiery 2. not so sick and hurting all the time 3. start taking more risks again
7. 3 favorite things about you: 1. im a great friend 2. i am very loyal and honest 3. my ability to dress and act appropriately in any situation
8. if you were a creature what would you be and why: some mystical, beautiful, legend-like creature such as a faerie or a water sprite
9. if you were a song, what song would it be: there is no way to answer that with out making myself seem like the huge egomaniac that i am. so...sense i cant win no matter what i do, ill go with hello i love you by the doors. cause i would fall in love with someone, ive never met. plus the following lines: sidewalk crouching at her feet. always makes me think of the me walking in heels and the sidewalk bunching up beneath them trying to make me fall flat on my face. and also- do you think you'll be the guy to make this queen of the angels sigh. cause i think its a great line.
10. how many licks to the center of a tootsie pop: i couldnt tell you.
11. last cd you bought: gene, lit, mansun
12 last cd you wish you bought: genes greatest hits.
13 most embarrassing cd you own: prolly radish, or some old country cd.
14 last song you downloaded: um pavarotti doing a verdi aria
15 lamest song you downloaded but you just love!: prince - kiss
16. what do you do when your bedroom door is closed: talk on the phone, sleep, change clothes, read
17. what is your favorite season: um spring
18. biggest regret: i dont believe in regrets
19. favorite reward: um hugs, ego stroking, ice cream, shoes,
20. favorite person to talk to on the phone: danielle, karris, chelsey, andrew, laura
21. favorite person to talk to online: ryan, danielle, chelsey
22. friend who has the best speaking voice: emma (shes from london),
23. friend who has the best singing voice: danielle, andrew, laura, taryn,
24. friend who has the best laugh: danielle, karris, laura (she doesnt laugh enough), ryan m.,
25. the last number you dialed: my parents
26. the last voice you heard: drew (my boss)
27. last person who told you they loved you: my mom
28. last person you told you loved them: my mom
29. last show you watched: will & grace
30. last song you heard: brown eyed girl
31. last movie you watched: hard days night
32. favorite slang words: cool, spiffy cool, groovy, supercool, dork, mimi, son of a monkey!
33. who was in the last dream you had: my ex and my friend ryan
34. favorite scent: um orange blossoms, paint, pine-sol, freshly baked thingys,
35. favorite line from a movie: too may to narrow down, some of the ones i like are: quit being taller than me; a relationship is like a shark, it has to constantly keep moving or it dies and lets face it, i think that what we have on our hands is a dead shark; anybody else wanna negotiate?
36. favorite song lyric: also to numerous to pick one a few that im partial too are as follows: id rather die than give you control, your so good to me and i know it aint easy, the pump dont work cause the vandals took the handle, someday somebodys gunna ask you a question that you should say yes to, also, anything by elton john or billy joel.
37. favorite place to vacation: um places where i know and love people. ARIZONA!! (hurrah!), california, chattanooga, new york, london, (anywhere in the uk really), um north to see where my mom and gramma were born/raised (jersey, delaware, etc.)
38. last thing you would be caught doing: jumping voluntarily off any tall surface.
39. person you would like to be trapped in an elevator with: anyone with the following criterion. doesnt irratate me. that is a BIG one it being a confined space and all that. good looking, cause there is no one else to look at, good voice (ie:accent), and um doesnt smell to strongly of anything cause that would not help my claustrophobia.
40. if you were an actor/actress what show could you see yourself on: um friends, will and grace, or any show with the potential to meet attractive single men. ooh la la
41. if you were a singer what band would you be in: my own, and id be the only girl
42. if you were a star what play on broadway would you be in: a musical. maybe phantom, or evita, or the music man, some thing old school and really cool.
43. if you had to get plastic surgery what would you get done: um not sure prolly get the circles under my eyes removed or the wrinkle in my neck taken care of. (it drives me insane) or maybe some lip plumping implants cause that would be cool.
44. most you have weighed in your adult life: about 130 i think. ack!!
45. least you have weighed in your adult life: senior year in high school-98 pounds
46. how much do you weigh now: uhm like 120 i think, but im not really allowed to weigh myself anymore so i could be wrong.
47. how tall are you (honestly): 5'3 1/2"
48. best physical feature: um my eyes or hair
49. worst physical feature: my too skinny calves
50. pat yourself on the back, youre done.

started the mural last night. its beautiful. and im sooo sick. im on so much medication that im surprised im still upright. *sigh* must sleep very very soon.
well must go pat self. have a wonderful day.
love love love you all,
vincent (as in van gogh)
Current Mood: numbnumb
she's sick from chlorine but she'll never be clean: i never even knewsoftest_fire on November 19th, 2002 09:22 am (UTC)
poor sweetie :[
im sorry you feel so wrong, hurting and all that.. poor dear! i wish i could make you feel better.. im not doing that great either, oh if only we could lie in bed and watch movies that make you squeak and eat candy :] heh heh...

love you dearie