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12 November 2002 @ 10:07 am
*(spoiler alert)*- whining and self pity ahead. proceed with caution  
so here is whats wrong with me today.

oh so tired...i could sleep all day and all night and still not feel awake or rested

headachey-its worse than usual today

hungry hungry- and its only 1030-too early for lunch

sick to stomach- need pills that i left on kitchen counter so as to not forget them *sigh*

sniffly- im catching my brothers cold

fibro-ie...general achiness and icky poo feeling

pained- my hip hates hates hates the cold weather. havent been able to walk right in two weeks.

also, my teeth hurt, im having ib pains, i itch everywhere, my face is breaking out, i keep forgetting to take my pills, my house is destroyed, and my account is overdrawn so my parents had to lend me money again. that is the thing that is actually causing my stress related illnesses, im ALWAYS so broke. i just want to be able to make it on my own and i keep not doing it. i need a raise, but mostly, i need to learn how to tell myself no. im not used to going without things i want. which is odd since i have no groceries and havent had any in a week. but food im used to going without. its the going out to eat, buying makeup when im in a funk, shopping and buying whatever i like that i cant do anymore and i have no idea how to break myself of the habit. i need to figure out a way to not be so broke all the time. and even if a get my raise at this point, it wont help cause i just start buying more of everything cause "hey i just got a raise i can afford it" *sigh* i need some help.
hi my name is becca and im a spending addict.
do they have support groups for that?
Current Mood: exanimateexanimate
Campbell Coneycampbellconey on November 12th, 2002 10:11 am (UTC)
"do they have support groups for that?"

Sadly enough they do. I had a friend at Prudential who had to go to one of those. On a business trip in New York, she spent 6000 dollars at Bonwit Teller. EXACTLY.

queenie bbluebirdgirl on November 12th, 2002 10:40 am (UTC)
good god almighty!! how is tha even possable? thankfully that is not my problem. i nickel and dime myself to death. oh its only three dollars, that wont hurt anything. course you spend enough "only three dollars" and you might as well spend more. though the 6000 thing i could NEVER do. i am entirely too cheap. im getting sick just thinking about spending that much...