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08 November 2002 @ 09:02 am
blah blah blah  
i actually got a LOT of work done yesterday and am now quite organized. its kinda refreshing, i still have a little more to go but i know i wont finish it today. im too much the mad procrastinator.

i put up pictures of my sister (paradisehope) on my desk, and now im happy when i look at them. yay!! she needs to update though...grrrrrrr.

i have crazy plans this weekend. like at lunch i have to run up to the mall and drop off extra tickets to my friend steve, then come back here and eat lunch in the cafeteria here as i owe the woman who runs it for breakfast. (she lets me do that sometimes when i dont get a lot so i dont have to put 1.50 on my credit card) and im so sick to my stomach i dont want breakfast let alone lunch, but i made myself order toast and sprite and hopefully that will help.

then when i get off at five, i have to go straight home cause i have to be at my moms house at six and it takes me approx. 45 min to get home in traffic. so in 15 min, i have to change, (i need to wear pants with give when i eat at my moms house), let my dog out, feed my dog, let her back in, and get to my moms house as we are have a family get-together. my brothers girlfriend is meeting the family. well my uncle anyway, she already met my aunt and uncle. anyway enough of that, back to ME!!!
k so after dinner tonight i have to clean my house, and get to bed super early.

then saturday, i have service, natch, and then more house cleaning and then a surprise anniversary party, that i have to go to after which we are all supposed to go back to chelseys house (savoytruffle) for champagne and the like, not sure if i will be partaking in those festivities it all depends on other plans and the time. then i will either go out with other friends or go home and finally watch one of the movies ive had checked out for three weeks.

then on sunday, the meeting and then a lovely wedding shower for ryan and emma, one of my very favorite couples ever. shes from england and i could listen to her talk for hours. (im also hoping to find out she has a brother or single cousin or something.) so that should be fun and we will be leaving that early to go to the battle of the bands that my friend steves band is partaking in. after which we will, upon hearing then no doubt quickly depart and either go eat, or go get coffee, and immediately following, go home and try to sleep hopefully.

okay so thats my crazy weekend. *sigh* i remember when weekends are for relaxing and unwinding from the week. now the weekends are more jam-packed than the weeks. *sigh* of course i also remember sectioned trays and tickets for food at the conventions. oi! my back is killing me. it must be old age.

well id better go now. as i should get some work done and my boss will be here just any second. ill try and post late on today as im not sure if ill be able to do so this weekend.
love to all,
long haired lady.
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
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ex_savoytruf156 on November 8th, 2002 12:03 pm (UTC)
"Oh darlin', I'll never do you no harm..."
Not coming to our house? PBLTH on you! Ha ha just kiddin' Well, it is purely your own fault. There's going to be cake, champagne, coffee, celebration and me reading a lovely poem I wrote but...you probably don't want to come do you? do you? eh eh eh? :D Do whatever you fancy, sweet~tart. Have a beautiful friday!