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03 September 2002 @ 08:34 am
its a little bit funny, this feeling inside....  
so health wise today sucks. i wish i could be lying with my head in a toilet somewhere. and it hurts to walk. and sit. and stand. but its all okay because i have come to a decision. i have to get back to the person i used to be. if for no other reason than the person i am now, when i am alone with myself, annoys the crap out of me. so baby steps right? wrong. for most people thats the way to go but i need to do something drastic. something thats akin to a fibrillator for my soul. something to shock me back into myself. i refuse to continue to watch my life from the sidelines, so im taking action. what, you may ask, are you going to do thats so drastic. well thats still private. ill be posting the outcome, but right now its still too new and fragile.

okay well enough about me, i just saw a woman wearing pearlescent taupe shoes. i didnt even know they made pearlized taupe. they were.....not cute.

so why is it when you lose weight, you always lose the good bits? my breasts, calves, and rear end are practically non existent now. meanwhile, my thighs, arms, and second trimester tummy are all still in evidence. i wonder if i could write to my congressman. cause there ought to be a law. grrr.

so does anyone want to donate money to the help rebecca get a new monitor fund? its a lovely cause. and if you join now, you get to keep you kneecaps in tact. what a deal!! sorry its the blood sugar. need to eat. either that or its the crack. hmm.... im going with blood sugar level.
k well im going to stop rambling before i offend and alienate everyone. kisses.
Current Mood: nauseatednauseated
Current Music: moulin rouge soundtrack (ewan)