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21 October 2002 @ 08:48 am
im very tired, and i feel quite icky-poo. had a pretty good weekend. friday taryn came over and we watched tv and ate dinner. then on sat. we went out in service and then went to the fair, as it had stopped raining for the most part. it was great fun. saw many exhibits and shows and ate many many glorious food items. so yummy. He called while we were there and said he was also there but didnt want to meet up with us but invited us to go out to eat with him and his friends afterwards. i politely declined. unfortunately, by the time we left, my hip was so bad my sis and chels had to practically carry me to the car, and then yesterday when i woke up i couldnt walk, resulting in i missed the meeting and the c.o.s talk. i felt like a horrible person, so i stayed at home in my chair all day and watched movies, ate chinese food and tried to stretch out my cramping calf muscles. it didnt really work that well and today im kinda hobbling around the office, much to everyones amusement. i probably should start working since i wont be here on friday or monday!!!!YAY!!!!, but before i leave i need to make a public plea. my sister is really wanting a livejournal, unfortunately, i have already given away my code. if any of you my lovely lovely friends have a code that i could give my sister, i would be eternally grateful.
much love to all,
Current Mood: giddygiddy
ex_savoytruf156 on October 21st, 2002 12:55 pm (UTC)
Sure, i don't mind giving her one. i'll email it to you so no one will try to steal it. love ya