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16 October 2002 @ 09:13 am
so today is the first day of three times as much work for me day. i hope that i can get a sufficient amount dome before i lose my mind. it should happen just any time now. im not sure what of the massive pile freaks me out the most it could just be a combo of all of it. anyway, thats important and something i must do.

t. and i are going to work on my mural some more tonight and im really excited about that. yay yay yay. i should be able to enjoy my house very shortly.

so we got this new puffer fish for the office and he has these huge teeth and hes always pressing them against the glass like he's trying to eat me or something its kinda freaking me out. hes bright yellow and looks like he got bent in half but we are trying to fatten him up a little to fix his irregular shape.

thats really all the news i have. not much else to say. need to do laundry so i have clothes to take with me on friday next. yayyayayayayayayayayayayayay!!!!!!!!!
ONLY 9 DAYS!!!! im so excited i might vomit. well not yet but as the day gets closer its a definite possibility.

love to all. (even you).
Current Mood: crazycrazy
That Person, Over Therehanauma on October 16th, 2002 09:00 am (UTC)
I LOVE PUFFER FISHES !! They are soooooooooooooo cute. Yeah most of them do look bent in half, it's just the way they are, wait until you have to clean the tank they usually get scared enough to puff into a big ballon !! =))

Yay puffer fish !!

(Anonymous) on October 18th, 2002 09:29 am (UTC)
Puffer Fish.
My husband and I love puffer fishes!
Especially the Dog Face Puffers!
Have you ever seen them?
They are so cute....and they really do look like litte puppies!

Inyways, I'm Cherish, I'm from Lake Highlands Cong. In Dallas, But I saw your entry on Socialites LJ, and so I saw your puffer fish entry....so now here I am...lol
ok,'nuff said....

Cherish Ferguson