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14 October 2002 @ 09:23 am
there has to be a more productive use of my time...  
is this cause we have the same hair.....

What actress are you?

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this is so not me......really.

so He called me up and canceled the salsa party on sat. apparently, they had invited too many people and so him and his group (ie:me) we disinvited. (side note: how tacky do you have to be to have to call someone the day of the party and say you cant come and call your friends and tell them they cant come either) anyway so Hes upset, i calm Him down and we hang up. i then call nic and say hey salsa dancings off but lets still get together tonight and do something. so she agrees, then ten minutes before the party was to have started, He calls me back and said he fixed it so we could get in. i look down at my greasy hair, sweats, head wrap, and fuzzy slippers and think of nic who isnt even home and would need at least an hour to get ready once she got there and tell him that i dont think we will be able to make it. he tries to talk me into coming for about twenty minutes and then he finally understand that i cant come and i tell him to invite someone else. i kinda felt bad but it would have taken me close to two hours to get ready with all i had to do and then we still had to drive an hour to get there. he did seem truly upset and disappointed that i couldnt go so maybe hes finally coming around now that ive stopped waiting for him. (sigh) isnt that always the way?

oh good news. taryn and i picked out the background colors for the mural in my dining room and we are going to start sketching it out tonight. so by this weekend we should be able to start painting. YAY!!! im soooooo excited. my house is going to be sooo cute pretty soon. and i saw this design for a tv cabinet and it so totally matches my retro fly super mod living room decorating style. its furry and has big glittery handles!! and everyone i showed the picture to hates it so i know that its for me.

i saw zach on friday. he cried when i left. and i get to see bekah on tuesday. im excited and i hope she likes what i bought her.

i need to get some new blue pens.

have nothing else to say. so i prolly better go. i am GOING to get through a LOT of work today no more screwing around and net surfing. im going to buckle down, focus, and get it done. k well i love you all and ill see you around.

only 11 days! YAY!!!! crap i need to pack. but YAY!!!!!!! 11 days!!!!!!!

love love love
long haired lady.
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ex_savoytruf156 on October 14th, 2002 01:06 pm (UTC)
Go read!
Go read the comment I replied to about Laura! It's soooooooooooooo krazy!