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10 October 2002 @ 09:02 am
tell me why....  
um....no comment.

What Nine Inch Nails song are you?

brought to you by Quizilla

so i watched monsters inc. again last night. it was still funny. i woke up in a really great mood, but know im depressed and want to kill myself (figure of speech people, calm down) maybe ill brush my hair again and have a candy bar........maybe not.

i get to see zach on friday. im so excited. and karris and i are going to a gathering with Him on sat.
sunday i get to see my new best friend rebekah and then next sat. im going to the fair. YAY!! and then the next friday im going to arizona. YAY!!! YAY!!! YAY!!!

well i should probably get to the ever growing mountain of work on my desk. (weeping weeping) (best christmas commercial ever) well, okay im going now. maybe ill see some of you tonight.
mrs. vartan (as in michael and rebecca)(ha ha dani)

only 15 days!!! YAYYAYYAYYAYYAYYAY!!!!!!
Current Mood: frustratedfrustrated
Current Music: original sin - elton john
That Person, Over Therehanauma on October 10th, 2002 08:24 am (UTC)
Hehe I dunno about the NiN thingy, I don't listen to them so I dunno about their songs. =)) I missed the Fair where I live sniff !! So you have to have double the fun to make up for me missing it okay dokey? *grins* =)) What exactly is in Arizona? I forgot hehe. =))

I haven't seen Monsters Inc. yet maybe I'll go rent it or something !! =))
queenie bbluebirdgirl on October 10th, 2002 09:09 am (UTC)
k ill eat a second fried cheesecake for you. and my friend dani (socialite) is in arizona. monster inc is great even my brother and his retarded friends like that movie. they are always doing the "scary feet, scary feet" bit. make sure you watch all of the outtakes at the end. they are hilarious.
she's sick from chlorine but she'll never be clean: hey jupitersoftest_fire on October 10th, 2002 02:58 pm (UTC)
michael vartan..... is soooo last week
heh heh i already have my own michael vartan... actually he does kinda look like him, you shall have to judge..

yay 2 weeks
good deal doll

dmk :] har har har