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09 October 2002 @ 08:54 am
i know its never been easy to love someone like me....dont leave  
so last night was interesting. i called my friend j. and he told me he was in a funk and so i told him to come over and we would watch a movie or something. right before he got there, He called and invited me to go with him on sat. i said okay and then j. showed up and i told Him i would call him back tomorrow night to get directions.
so j. and i pick out a movie and start watching it. about halfway through, the phone rings again. its Him again wanting to ask a question about saturday then afterwards we talk for a minute and he asks if he can talk to my friend thinking its someone he knows. i tell him that we are in the middle of a movie. he says thats its pretty late is she spending the night? i laugh and say thats hardly likely. he then says why is your friend a guy?
yes i reply.
its just the two of you?
no, i say, my dog is here.
he then starts in on how foolish it was to have one person over of the opposite sex at a time.
when pointed out that i had been over to his apartment alone he said well yes but not for that long and not to watch a movie.
i used to go over my friend joshs house all the time and watch movies just the two of us. (this is a small stretching of the truth since weve only done that twice but, i was trying to win....er..i mean...make a point.)
he then says oh really?
well i have a test tomorrow that i need to study for. call me tomorrow?

.....hm well im not sure what to make of it he invited me to go do something with his friends but told me i could bring someone. wanted to talk to my friend until he found out it was a guy and then was a little upset.....it may add up to a lot of nothing, but it is an interesting thing.

im also very tired. i think i might go home and take a nap except i have 73 things to do tonight. *sigh* my work is never done. it can however be postponed until its forgotten about.

im keeping a running tab of how many days it is until i go to arizona to see dani. so at the bottom of all my entries there will be a number. just wanted to let you know what it meant so i wouldnt have to answer a lot of questions about it later.
k well should quit typing this now and maybe actually do some work at work. (wont the boss be surprised) i love you.
big wet kisses,

only 16 more days! yay!
Current Mood: optimisticoptimistic
Current Music: life less ordinary sdtrk.- dont leave
Savannahsavannahpink on October 10th, 2002 12:14 am (UTC)
hey thanks again for commenting in my journal.. thats so cool you're from Garland.. I have lots of family in like the Waxahachie area and many friends in Dallas and actually will probably be coming up there to stay sometime soon. If you ever wanna write me just to talk my email is savannahpink@hotmail.com See Ya!
(Deleted comment)
queenie bbluebirdgirl on October 11th, 2002 06:47 am (UTC)
an exellent idea
he is soooo uptight. im trying like mad to loosen him up but im afraid hes unlooseable. either that or he will suddenly get so crazy loose that he will flip out leave me and the truth for some trashy tart. but i think the first ones more likely, so im still trying. any ideas would be appreciated.