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07 October 2002 @ 04:49 pm
out of the mouths of....sisters  
so i took my sis to the mall on sat. to buy her what is known as a big silver, pain-inducing ring. we were having a good time. were at the food court eating fries and dr. pepper and i mentioned him. actually i believe i referred to him as a wank. now for a little back story a'la VH1.

so my sis is the cheapest person alive next to monty burns and im a tetris fanatic. im like the goddess of tetris, and she didnt even want to let me borrow money for food. so we are in gamestop and i see a pc tetris game and freak out cause well i love tetris and she offers to buy it for me as a gift but i didnt let her cause well i feel weird letting people buy me things so i put it back and we left.

fast forward to the food court. i mention him and she offers again to buy me the game. im truly appreciative but still refuse and tell her that since my monitor is broken i couldnt use it anyway. she then offers to give me her monitor from her computer. when i point out that thats they only internet access in the house she says
"i know but if it will get you out of this depression..."

i want to take this opportunity to apologize to everyone whom i annoyed bored or complained to about this situation and say thank you and that i appreciate the support and i will prevail.

much love,
Current Mood: awakeawake